Curry powder usually stands out from the rest of the spice blends for many reasons. So, here’re some of the best ways to use Sri Lankan curry powder to bring that signature Asian twist to your dinner table!

If you think the flavor of Sri Lankan curry powder is exotic, try the following ways to jazz up your meals with it:

  1. Ramps up meat, fish, and seafood curries
  2. Spices up rice, noodles, and pasta dishes
  3. Flavors up a variety of vegetable recipes
  4. It can be used as a base for rubs and marinades
  5. Elevates gravies and curry sauces
  6. Adds a twist to hearty soups, stews, and broths
  7. It upgrades dips and snacks
  8. Ramps up egg dishes
  9. It can be incorporated into ground meat and seafood

Read along for exciting ideas to spice up your meals using Sri Lankan curry powder!

The Best 09 Ways To Use Sri Lankan Curry Powder

Warm, spicy, savory, and aromatic Sri Lankan curry powder is more than you think it would be. It undoubtedly sticks out from ordinary curry powder varieties, boasting an exotic nature. 

Sri Lankan Curry Powder - SpiceRally

Although this is one of the staple culinary ingredients in Sri Lankan homes, this spice blend could seem a little intense for those living in the west. But it can still make your food much better than the regular milder blends in your spice rack. 

Did you ever get a chance to get hold of Sri Lankan curry powder and wonder how to use it? We’ve got you covered with every possible way to incorporate it into your dishes. There are many variations of this spice blend. And we’ll specify each type and how to add it to your meals!

01- Ramps Up Meat, Fish, And Seafood Curries

Roasted curry powder, chicken curry powder, and Jaffna curry powder are the ideal varieties to give a fantastic spicy kick to meat, fish, or seafood curries. This spice blend combines with other fresh spices like garlic, ginger, black pepper powder, turmeric, and red chile powder to complement most Sri Lankan-style meat or fish curries. 

In addition to these spices, complementary ingredients like onion, tomato, fresh green chiles, and lemongrass are also added to these vibrant and spicy recipes. However, unroasted curry powder is also included in coconut milk-based fish and seafood curries. 

These dishes are served alongside bread, roti, plain rice, etc. You’ll find many different ways curry powder is used within the country. Nevertheless, every one of them is incredibly flavorful and gives a unique dimension to each meal!

Sri Lankan curry powder contains a variety of flavorful herbs, spices, and grains. And did you know that this is the core of Sri Lankan cuisine? Click here and read this informative post for more information!

02- Spices Up Rice, Noodles, And Pasta Dishes

Unroasted Sri Lankan curry powder is the best pick if you need to add a unique zing to rice, noodles, or pasta dishes. It doesn’t mean other curry powder types cannot do this. But still, unroasted curry powder is way milder and less spicy with a gentle warmth which is great to complement the taste elements of these dishes. 

You can use this spice blend with savory rice recipes like biryani or pilaf. Also, a little sprinkle of unroasted curry powder can tweak your mac and cheese or spicy noodle recipes. Combine the flavors with carrots, cabbage, green peas, and chicken to boost the heavenly taste!

03- Flavors Up A Variety Of Vegetable Recipes

Sri Lanka is a country rich in vegetables inherent to the country. While rice is their primary food source, vegetables often accompany their main meals. Therefore, you’ll usually get to enjoy a variety of curry powder-infused vegetable recipes if you visit a Sri Lankan household or a restaurant. 

Especially, Baby Jackfruit Curry, Mushroom Curry, Bittergourd curry, Dal Curry, etc., are some of the vegetarian dishes that incorporate roasted curry powder. Moreover, yellow vegetable curries such as Potato Curry, Greenbeans Curry, Cauliflower-cashew Curry, etc., are some of their traditional vegetable dishes, which include unroasted curry powder. 

You’ll find plenty of recipes online so that you also try to make a milder vegetable curry using unroasted curry powder for your upcoming lunch!

Follow up on this link and refer to our article, as we have shared a recipe for an authentic Sri Lankan-style creamy yellow potato curry you can easily make at home!

04- It Can Be Used As A Base For Rubs And Marinades

This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to add Sri Lankan curry powder to your diet. This spice blend makes the perfect base for any rub or marinade to season chicken, steak, pork, fish or other seafood. 

Types like Jaffna curry powder or Chicken curry powder can give a hot, spicy, warm kick to these rubs and marinades, even with the smallest amount. To make the marinade or rub of your choice, you can blend this spice with salt, sugar, soy sauce, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. Use fresh or dried herbs, ginger, garlic, and onion powder for extra flavor.

05- Elevates Gravies And Curry Sauces

Any type of Sri Lankan curry powder is excellent for making curry sauces or gravies. It is just that unroasted curry powder will give a mild flavor than the other varieties. 

However, you can use this spice blend with heavy or light coconut milk, cream, and broth to make delicious gravies and curry sauces. Use these recipes to enjoy fried chicken, fish filets, or plain biryani!

06- Adds A Twist To Hearty Soups, Stews, And Broths

Sri Lankan curry powder, particularly the unroasted version, can add instant depth to hearty stews, soups, and broths. The coriander, cumin, and fennel base of unroasted curry powder is incorporated with the distinct taste of curry leaves. Therefore, this combination lends a unique flavor dimension to most broth or coconut milk-based soups or stews. 

A pinch of roasted curry powder can also be a finishing spice for hearty chicken or vegetable soups. You can saute fresh garlic, onion, and tomatoes with this spice blend as the base. Then add the liquid of choice and other ingredients to make a wholesome soup on a chilly evening. And remember to let us know how it came out!

07- It Upgrades Dips And Snacks

Roasted and unroasted Sri Lankan curry powder can jazz up basic dips and snacks. Add a pinch of this spice blend to your hummus, tahini-yogurt dip, whipped tofu dip, etc., to make a tasty twist. 

You can also make the base for corn kernels, incorporating curry powder with olive oil or butter if you pop your corn at home. If not, it also makes the perfect spicy companion for fresh homemade fresh, fried, or baked potato wedges. 

Try our topic leader head-high with any of your vegan-friendly dips and snacks; it will give a definite healthy upgrade to any of your recipes!

08- Ramps Up Egg Dishes

In Asian-style dishes, Sri Lankan curry powder can be included in many egg recipes. Masala eggs, devilled eggs, and Sri Lankan-style fried egg curry are some popular dishes made in Ceylon cuisine. 

Moreover, you can stir in a pinch of unroasted curry powder into the scrambled egg mixture or  the omelet mixture to spice up the classic recipe. You could also follow up with roasted curry powder if you like making things spicier. Sprinkle a dash of this spice blend in your egg salad to enjoy an “eggcellent” meal accompanied by buttered toast!

09- It Can Be Incorporated Into Ground Meat And Seafood

Mix our topic leader with minced beef, chicken, pork, groundfish, or shrimp to make delectable recipes. This spice blend’s earthy, spicy, and warm flavor profile will give an iconic “curry” note to these ground animal proteins. 

You can make delicious homemade savory fillings, burger patties, meatballs, sausages, or fish cakes using roasted or unroasted curry powder. Use chicken curry powder or Jaffna curry powder if you need spicier, piquant ground meat/fish dishes. 

Try curried meatballs with the next spaghetti weeknight meal, and watch how your family will love the twist you made!

Give A Spicy Twist To Your Food With A Dash Of Sri Lankan Curry Powder!

If you read our previous articles on Sri Lankan curry powder, you must understand that this spice blend is unique and different from other types of curry powder. It is one of the most robust spice mixtures which could instantly exalt our dishes. 

Sri Lankan curry powder can add incredible warmth and zest to your chicken, fish, beef, vegetables, rice, and even soup dishes. That being said, let us know in the comment section below what ways you like to use this delicious spice blend!

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