The delightful spiciness of this blend can make a real difference in your dishes, which will take it beyond a conventional curry. So, let us bring you six impressive uses of curry powder that you have never tried before.

Curry powder can be incorporated into cooking in multiple ways which include,

  1. With stews and soups
  2. In savory rice dishes
  3. Mixed into the fillings of fried food/snacks.
  4. With meat, eggs, fish, and other seafood dishes
  5. To use as a direct dry rub and an ingredient in wet rubs or marinades
  6. With salads and chutneys

So, keep reading till the end to discover more about using curry powder in different ways to make happy meals for your loved ones!

Six (6) Ways To Use Curry Powder In Cooking

Curry powder is actually a blend that could do wonders in countless recipes. In fact, it is rich in taste and vibrant in color which makes curry powder capable of twist-turning the taste and depth of your regular meals with a luxurious Asian touch.

6 ways to use curry powder in cooking - SpiceRally

On that note, check out this section to uncover your favorite method of incorporating this spice powder into your daily cooking.

01- With Stews And Soups

Deep and potent flavors of the ingredients in  curry powder usually give their best when used in dishes that require a generous cooking time. Therefore, its warm, earthy and tangy flavor notes will bestow many stews and soups that call for a richer, heavier taste.

Chicken curry noodle soup, curry beef stew, sweet potato, turkey stew, and Thai coconut chicken soup are some Asian-inspired dishes that you can try with our topic leader. 

This blend will complement liquids like coconut milk, stock, and broths when making soups and stews. In addition, it also goes well with most vegetables, lentils, and meat (ex: carrots, beans, potatoes, chicken, and beef).

How amazing would it feel to make your own batch of curry powder at home? We have a simple step-by-step guide right here if you think it is worth trying!

02- In Savory Rice Dishes

If you plan on preparing a complete rice meal for lunch, curry powder can undoubtedly give a divine tweak to your ordinary bowl of rice. However, savory rice recipes aren’t alien to Asian cuisine since they often make them.

Shrimp and pineapple fried rice, simple Basmati curry rice, and spiced coconut yellow rice are some delicious recipes that you could try easily. In fact, fried rice is a positively customizable dish.

So, you can even try a pinch of curry powder in your “secret” family recipe followed by meat, seafood, vegetables, or anything else you’ve got!

03- Mixed Into The Fillings Of Fried Food/Snacks.

Asians are usually in love with savory snacks! So, they tend to incorporate curry powder into many fillings made for popular street food like Samosas.

Thus, you also can experiment with our topic leader when making snacks like savory pastries, spring/ Chinese rolls, Japanese curry buns, or curried sausage rolls. 

The ingredients in this mix, such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and black pepper, will offer a unique spiciness to the fillings.

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04- With Meat, Eggs, Fish, And Other Seafood Dishes

Among various uses of curry powder, including this blend with meat, seafood, or eggs can be very practical. In fact, apart from typical curry making, you could try several other recipes with these foods.

Our topic leader is ideal for chicken, beef, most types of fish (salmon, tuna, cod), eggs, shrimp, etc. You can check out easy dishes like curried eggs, butter chicken, fish masala, Jamaican curried shrimp, and curry pork chops to make a real family treat.

05- To Use As A Direct Dry Rub And An Ingredient In Wet Rubs Or Marinades

Have you ever thought of giving a punch of curry flavor to your regular rubs and marinades? Curry powder can unarguably become one of the best additives to blend in with oil-based wet rubs and saucy marinades. 

This spice powder can also stand alone as a dry rub when mixed with some salt and brown sugar. You can make grilled steak/ribs, marinated chicken wings, air-fryer drumsticks, or even rub and roast turkey or whole chicken. Toss the roasted vegetables with a dash of this blend and rock your backyard party this summer!

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06- With salads and chutneys

We are sure you would have never thought that curry powder could be a tasty addition to salads and chutneys. The subtle heat and overwhelming tangy notes of this mix can be a whole new experience for all the chutney and salad lovers out there!

When making cooked/raw/cold salads or chutneys, our subject leader can complement vegetables, nuts, fruits, and meat like:

  • Tomatoes
  • Apples
  • Pomegranate
  • Green grapes
  • Baby spinach
  • Kale
  • Walnuts
  • Peanuts
  • Chickpeas
  • Chicken 
  • Turkey

Since a small amount from this blend can go a long way in your salad bowl or chutney dish, you just have to sprinkle a pinch and let its flavor infuse with the rest of the ingredients.

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Help Yourself With These Uses Of Curry Powder To Make Super Tasty Meals You’ve Never Tried Before!

If you have ever wondered what you could do with your container of curry powder, SpiceRally believes that we came up with really interesting ways! In fact, this spice powder can go a long way in your cooking journal, starting from a simple dish of chicken curry to a delicious bowl of salad.

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