The spicy and fiery note that vindaloo blend usually brings to our food is simply Wow! You might be using this as a main marination spice. But you may have to count on vindaloo curry paste substitutes when the original product is not around.

The closest and probably the best alternative to vindaloo curry paste is the one you can make at home. In addition, you can also rely on options like:

So, if you’re interested in learning about using these replacements, you’re welcome to read until the end of this post!

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01 – The Best Vindaloo Curry Paste Substitutes- Going For A Homemade Blend

If you are looking for an alternative that gives the same overall effect as what you usually buy from the store, a homemade blend of vindaloo curry paste is your best option. Combining dry ingredients and a few wet ingredients can give you the perfect results. Besides, these ingredients are not difficult to come by.

What Is Homemade Vindaloo Curry Paste And Is It The Best Substitute?

  • This is probably the only replacement that can touch almost every flavor note you get from anything you used to bring from the store. It further replicates the exact color and texture.
  • Homemade vindaloo curry paste can easily come together without too much effort. And the best thing is, you can customize the spice according to your palate. Increase, decrease, and skip the ingredients as desired. The control over the heat level is an absolute plus point!
  • This is the best of the Vindaloo curry paste substitutes for authentic vindaloo curries. In addition, you can use this with any other application that specifically requires this curry paste as a primary ingredient.
  • You can make larger batches and easily store them in the refrigerator or freezer for quite a long time.
  • Homemade vindaloo curry paste is the best pick for those who follow a special diet such as gluten-free and dairy-free.

How To Use It?

  • Homemade vindaloo curry paste can be used the same way as any shop-bought options. It works great as a marination spice and gives fish, and seafood an incredible flavor to meat.
  • When customized accordingly, you may even use this homemade blend with other curries, soups, and rich stews.
  • The amounts of usage generally depend on the recipe and the batch quantity. However, if you wish to make any extra adjustments to the recipe, you should be responsible enough to build up the taste of the dish you make.

The Flavorful Output!

This substitute is the best and most impactful option whenever you run out of store-bought vindaloo curry paste. It gives your vindaloo curries a great taste by preserving their authenticity. A more flavorful and fresh flavor can be expected since you put everything together at home.

Things To Consider When Using This Replacement

  • Making this paste at home might take some time and effort rather than simply buying the ready-made from the store.
  • The cost can be slightly higher since you have to invest in individual spices and other ingredients rather than purchasing a single product.
  • The shelf life can be shorter due to the absence of preservatives.
  • Sometimes, you might not have all the ingredients required to make the vindaloo spice paste. In such situations, you may have to proceed with what you have which might result in less flavor.

If you are eager to make your own vindaloo curry paste at home and looking for a place to start, we are happy to assist you with a very simple, yet delicious recipe. Click here to get the full recipe!

Other Recommended Options To Use Instead of Vindaloo Curry Paste

02 – Vindaloo Curry Powder

If you wish to get the real vindaloo kick but fail to go for the first option we have stated, using vindaloo curry powder is your best bet. This spice blend has a base made with red chiles, coriander, cumin, and other warm spices.

Therefore, it can successfully mask the absence of the original product even in authentic vindaloo curries. However, you should remember that it comes in a powdered form, unlike the vindaloo paste. Thus, the best way to use this dry masala powder is to combine it with other wet ingredients like oil, vinegar, and tamarind paste.

The amount usually depends on the batch quantity of the dish you make. But, you may have to use a bigger quantity than you usually use the vindaloo paste since this curry powder lacks the concentrated intense flavor that the paste generally has.

03 – Madras Curry Paste

The next in line is the famous Madras curry powder that originally comes from Indian cuisine. This is another curry paste used in a myriad of curries especially made in South Indian kitchens. Madras spice paste shares a similar base note with ingredients like red chiles, garlic, ginger, and other dry spices.

You may experience less heat in this substitute. Therefore you might have to adjust that by using extra red chili powder if needed. This alternative works great as a marination spice. Depending on your dish and palate you can use this in a 1:1 ratio or more than the required amount.

04 – Balti Curry Paste

Balti curry paste is the key ingredient that gives the flavor to authentic balti dishes. This, too, comes from Indian cuisine and shares some elements similar to our topic leader. Coriander, cumin, mustard, and cardamom are similar dry spices this option shares.

However, balti curry paste contains a lesser amount of red chiles and usually lacks the flavor of garlic. Therefore, you might need to adjust by combining more red chiles and garlic to get a comparable flavor replication. Balti curry paste is good to go in a 1:1 ratio or more. But still, if you’re a beginner, it is better to start slow and increase the amount later if needed.

05 – Rogan Josh Paste

Originating from Kashmiri cuisine, Rogan Josh curry paste is another aromatic, flavorful ingredient that can be used as an alternative to vindaloo curry paste. This vibrant substitute works effectively since it shares similar ingredients with our topic leader. It holds quite a similar heat level while it combines other spices like garlic, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, etc.

With a few adjustments, this can also work in meat-based vindaloo curries. But, Rogan Josh may not work successfully with vegetable-based dishes. This replacement is always good to go in a 1:1 ratio as a marination spice. You can also begin with a small quantity and build up the flavor as you go.

06 – Tandoori Paste

Easily obtainable, tandoori paste is something you can count on when you can’t find anything else on our list. This option also contains some basic flavor components in the vindaloo curry paste.

But, you will savor less spiciness, while it contains more tangy and sweet flavor elements. Due to its lower complexity, you might have to adjust to using it as a vindaloo substitute. Mixing a dash of red chile powder and garam masala can bring a closer flavor replication to be used as a great marination spice.

Although this wouldn’t work that well in authentic vindaloo curries, you can use it in other dishes as a secondary ingredient that calls for your topic leader. Start with a smaller amount and adjust accordingly.

Save Your Dishes With Our Best Recommendations To Use Instead Of The Vindaloo Curry Paste!

It is not a secret that most restaurant-style vindaloo curries incorporate the vindaloo spice paste to get the traditional quality of the dish. However, it is still important to be educated about the closest possibilities when you don’t have this product around.

In that case, a homemade blend can be your best bet out of all Vindaloo curry paste substitutes. But when you don’t have it either, you can count on other alternatives like vindaloo curry powder, tandoori paste, Rogan Josh curry paste, etc.

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