Despite their size, small coriander seeds are known to be one of the most exceptional spices. Although this ingredient is popular as a culinary spice, the uses of coriander seeds are far beyond our expectations!

Coriander seeds offer many culinary and non-culinary uses such as:

This article will address the most important and amazing uses of the coriander seeds. Read along to learn further how important this spice can be to you!

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Uses of Coriander Seeds In Cooking

Fresh and flavorful coriander seeds play a significant role in our spice cabinet, working hand-in-hand with other spices and herbs. The main forms of coriander seeds used in the kitchen are whole seeds and in the ground or powdered form.

While ground coriander usually has a more concentrated flavor, coriander seeds hold a more mellow flavor profile. Crunchy and nutty when toasted, whole coriander seeds can give a lovely taste twist to many dishes.

This spice is treasured for its ability to balance out intense flavors in a dish. Accordingly, it harmonizes with other warm spices like cumin, fennel, caraway, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. Fresh herbs like cilantro, basil, parsley, and oregano also unite well with coriander seeds.

1- Usage In Spice Blends, Seasoning Mixtures, Pastes and Spice Rubs

Coriander seeds are a wonderful ingredient that greatly complements blends made for seasoning purposes. It has become a non-negotiable spice in many combinations especially, in Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Southeast Asian cuisines.
Usually, coriander seeds are dry roasted in a pan and ground before incorporating these blends. This allows the release of the strong volatile oil of this spice making it more intense in flavor and aroma. Besides flavoring and seasoning, coriander seeds have been a food preservative since ancient times.

2- Coriander Seeds Plays A Significant Role In Pickling Spice Mixtures

This spice is a mandatory ingredient in the traditional pickling spice mixture. Like most other other spices in the mixture, whole coriander seeds play a role in adding flavor and aroma.

 Aside from the unique taste this spice can give, it also helps to balance out the powerful taste of other spices in the mixture.

The strong antimicrobial properties of coriander seeds help in food preservation and reinforce the activity of the pickling spice mixture.

3- Ground Coriander Adds Depth To Sweet Dishes and Baked Goods

A pinch of ground coriander can make a huge difference in your sweet dishes and baked goods. Recipes like muffins, spiced puddings, cakes, cookies, pies, and cobblers will taste great with a dash of ground coriander. 

In addition to this, you may even incorporate this spice with pasties, types of bread, and savory batters and doughs which is one of the most important uses of coriander seeds. Coriander seeds are excellent to be paired with cumin, cinnamon, and fresh basil for fruit-based treats. The warm and nutty element blended with its sweet undertone will elevate the overall quality of your sweet and baked dishes reminding you of the holiday treats!

4- Twists The Taste Of Vegetables

Did you know that coriander is a wonderful spice that tweaks the taste of your favorite vegetables? This spice is commonly and widely used in Indian and most Southeast Asian cuisines as a key flavoring for veggies.

Coriander seeds are blended with other ingredients garlic, ginger, curry leaves, and turmeric to be included in coconut milk-based vegetable curries. Butternut squash, pumpkin, potatoes, baby jackfruit, and eggplant are some of the vegetables that go well with the flavor of our topic leader.

5- Whole Coriander Seeds Add Crunchiness 

Although cooking with ground coriander is familiar, whole coriander seeds may seem a weird addition to your dishes. But, toasted or sauteed whole coriander seeds offer an incredible crunchiness to most recipes.

Fried or toasted seeds are refreshing and pleasant to the bite. So, unexpectedly biting into one when enjoying a meat dish or a vegetable curry, will elevate your appetite. Indian and Sri Lankan cooks often temper mustard seeds with whole coriander seeds to add depth to curries like potatoes and eggplant.

If you’re interested in learning how to use the entire coriander plant including the leaves and stems in cooking, click on this link and read our extensive article.

Health Benefits Of Coriander Seeds

Using this amazing spice for various health concerns was not started recently. It has been an effective, impactful ingredient used in ancient Ayurveda. Coriander seeds are also one of the main ingredients in the popular CCF drink which is one of the best uses of coriander seeds.

This herbal drink is made with coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds. It is used to aid digestion, support the absorption of nutrients, and stimulate the lymphatic system. In addition, whole coriander seeds are boiled with fresh ginger.

This concoction will help reduce the common cold and flu symptoms. This is a very popular home remedy in Southeast Asian households. In addition to these common health benefits, coriander seeds may also impact your health in the following ways:

6- Helps Lowering Blood Sugar and Fight Diabetes

Studies have found that the essential oil in coriander seeds has a powerful effect in lowering blood sugar by activating certain enzymes. These studies have even shown that the consumption of coriander seeds should be done cautiously if you’re already under diabetic medication.

The reason is that it strongly affects decreasing sugar levels in the body. Adding this spice to your diet regularly will regulate high blood sugar and increase the insulin level.

7- Protects Your Brain

Certain intensive studies that involved animals have shown the positive effects of coriander seeds on brain health. These clinical trials prove the impact of this spice especially on the diseases associated with the brain such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis.

The substantial anti-inflammatory proteins of coriander seeds team up with its powerful antioxidants to safeguard your brain against these fatal diseases. These studies have also shown that regular consumption of coriander seeds may also help reduce anxiety symptoms.

8- Coriander Seeds Benefits in Heart Health

Some research indicates that this spice has a significant impact on boosting heart health. Including coriander seeds in your diet may help you reduce bad cholesterol levels. It will reduce the risk of many heart diseases.

These studies also show that coriander extract functions as a diuretic, supporting your body to flush excess sodium and water. This may lower your blood pressure as well. Consumption of coriander seeds suppresses the urge for excessive sodium intake. This will ultimately lead to a healthy heart.

Usage Of Coriander Seeds Essential Oil

Coriander Oil has antispasmodic and analgesic properties. This is a restorative, refreshing oil often remarked for its use in helping digestion and helping with aches, pains, and arthritis. This essential oil is also infused in certain ayurvedic skin care products specialized for blemishes and acne.

Coriander essential oil generally encourages healthy, clear, and clean skin. Due to its antioxidant activity, it has been a promising treatment to prevent free radical damage. Moreover, it can also inhibit signs of aging that may result from sun exposure, stress, and environmental pollution.

You may also see this oil being used in aromatherapy quite often. When diffused and inhaled, it will help destress, relax, and calm your mind and body. It may also alleviate pain associated with sinus infections and congestion.

9- Ground Coriander In DIY Skin Care Remedies

Ground or powdered coriander seeds can be a mild exfoliator when making DIY face or body scrubs. This is an excellent treatment especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Usually, homemade masks and exfoliators are made by using ground coriander with lemon juice or rose water. These masks and scrubs not only exfoliate and clear your skin. But, they can also help reduce the effects of rashes and sunburns.

Unbelievable Uses Packed Inside A Little Seed!

Subtle, aromatic, uniquely flavored coriander seeds are an exceptional spice to treasure in your pantry. While it enhances the quality of your dishes in whole and ground forms, it also packs tons of health benefits.

Coming in the form of an essential oil, coriander seeds oil can help you with various health and skin concerns. This spice will also protect you from many health and skin-related issues working as an excellent home remedy!

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