Rasam powder is known to define the various rasam curies made across India. But there are many other exciting ways to use rasam powder effectively with your regular cooking. So, let’s discuss what they are!

The versatile flavor profile of rasam powder can be paired with many ingredients and used in ways such as:

  1. To spice up vegetable curries
  2. It jazzes up lentil dishes
  3. Perks up rice dishes
  4. It gives a perfect finishing touch to soups and stews
  5. Use it as a dry rub or mixed into marinades
  6. Ramps up egg dishes
  7. It can be incorporated into curry sauces and gravies

Keep reading to discover more about how to make the best out of the jar of your rasam powder.

07 Amazing Ways To Use Rasam Powder

Rasam powder is an aromatic blend of flavorful roasted, ground ingredients such as spices, herbs, and lentils. This spice blend is very popular among Tamilians as they use this to make their traditional soup dish- rasam. 

Rasam powder is not a very intense spice mixture and therefore, it is versatile enough to use in many other ways apart from conventional rasam making. A zestful combination of coriander, cumin, and black pepper makes the base of this blend, while ground lentils give the depth. 

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Thus, it can be used as a wonderful taste enhancement to complement many other vegetables, curries, and even meat or seafood. So, if you were looking for unconventional yet delicious ideas to finish your rasam powder, here we go with the best!

01- To Spice Up Vegetable Curries

The warm, savory, and earthy ingredients used in rasam powder ideally complement various vegetables. So, if you have a jar from this spice blend at home, you no longer have to stick to bland veggie dishes! 

Make the perfect weeknight dinner by incorporating a tablespoon of rasam powder with potatoes. Coat the potatoes well with this spice mixture and roast, pan-grill, bake or air-fry them as desired! Serve the spiced potatoes with glazed ribs, barbecued chicken, or rubbed steak. 

You can also swap Garam Masala with our topic leader when making Indian-style brinjal, okra, or cauliflower dishes. This can also flavor other vegetables like beetroot, green beans, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and even mushrooms. Toss with roasted veggies to bring an unexpected flavor twist apart from making curries or stir-fries.

02- It Jazzes Up Lentil Dishes

Asians, particularly Indians, enjoy a range of lentil dishes prepared in various ways. So, if you are keen to make an Asian dinner for your family, we are sure that rasam powder is a great blend to start things less overwhelmingly. 

The ingredients used in this spice mixture add depth and flavor to many lentils like mung beans, chana dal, toor dal, chickpeas, and even green peas. 

You can incorporate these lentils with coconut milk and other ingredients like garlic, bay leaves, potatoes, and onions to get delicious recipes. Just browse the internet once, and you’ll find many different simple recipes!

03- Perks Up Rice Dishes

This can be one of the most unconventional yet delicious uses of rasam powder. The flavors used in this blend are perfect to complement certain Asian-style rice dishes, and you can find many spiced rice dishes in Indian cuisine. 

But only a few take advantage of the fantastic taste that our topic leader could give. Rasam powder can instantly transform any bland rice dish into a fragrant, flavor-loaded meal! So, try a pinch of rasam powder when you cook cumin, yellow, or ghee rice next time. Serve with your favorite chicken curry or potato fry, and thank us later!

04- It Gives A Perfect Finishing Touch To Soups And Stews

This can be the most effortless yet one of the tastiest ways to get the best out of this spice blend. As we discussed throughout this article, rasam powder is a gentle, less complex spice mixture that is very versatile in terms of usage. 

Thus, you can use this to give the unexpected finishing touch to many of your classic soups and stews. All you have to do is to throw a dash of rasam powder into your soup or stew pot and stir it while it is nice and warm. This blend’s deep flavors will infuse the richness of your dish to give it a heavenly taste!

Follow up on this link and refer to our comprehensive post to learn what makes rasam powder so unique and iconic in south Indian cuisine.

05- Use It As A Dry Rub Or Mixed Into Marinades

You were mistaken if you thought rasam powder could only be used with vegetables and lentils. The warm and spicy flavor profile of our topic leader goes perfectly well as a part of a rub or a marinade. 

Suppose you are tired of trying traditional seasonings or spice blends meant for meat, fish, and seafood. We bet that rasam powder will be your go-to seasoning whenever you need to come with delicious meat or seafood. 

Grill, bake, roast, or fry to your heart’s content while mixing rasam powder with other ingredients like garlic powder, onion powder, soy sauce, olive oil, vinegar, etc.

06- Ramps Up Egg Dishes

Are you following a healthy diet these days, including fewer carbs on your plate? Then we are sure that you must be consuming a lot of eggs. Did you know that rasam powder is an excellent tastemaker in your egg dishes? 

Our topic leader can make it up to you, making it more interesting for you to consume eggs differently each day. You can make curried eggs with rasam powder, which is the traditional way. Or else, throw in a pinch on top of omelets, or blend in some with scrambled egg mixture to make a wholesome breakfast.

07- It Can Be Incorporated Into Curry Sauces And Gravies

Jazz up gravies and curry sauces with rasam powder when you need a spicy yet less intense taste. The ingredients used in this spice blend pair well with cream or coconut milk. 

Ground lentils impart the perfect density and depth to these dishes, while spices and herbs help with the flavor. You can mix and match rasam powder with other ingredients like chili powder, ginger, garlic, onion, and stock to get the perfect gravy or curry sauce to go with your food.

Aromatic Rasam Powder Is All You Want To Spice Things Up In A Traditional Indian Manner!

Now that you are sophisticated with all the ideas to use rasam powder with your daily cooking, we hope you’re ready to rock your meals with an Asian twist! 

The spicy, fragrant, earthy, and flavorful combination of coriander, cumin, black pepper, lentils, curry leaves, etc., will offer the perfect tweak of taste to keep one brilliant step forward from your ordinary cooking menu. 

This spice blend will add so much zest to vegetables, eggs, meat, and fish, with the ultimate finishing touch to most of your favorite soups and stews! So, what is your desired method of using rasam powder? Don’t forget to keep us posted in the comments below!

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