Versatile, flavorful, and aromatic rasam powder is one of the most uncomplicated yet most delicious spice blends from South Indian cuisine. This homemade rasam powder recipe will be your go-to spice mixture to make any hearty rasam recipes and many more! It calls for only a few simple ingredients and takes little time to prepare a generous fresh batch.

The best thing about rasam powder is that it is not overwhelmingly hot or spicy. So, you also have the prospect of using it with most other Indian-style curries. On that note, prepare your ingredients, and let’s make rasam podi!

What is so special about rasam powder, and how does it define the flavors of South Indian cuisine? Click on this link and refer to our complete article to learn all about this fantastic spice mixture!

Homemade Rasam Powder Recipe!

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Our version of rasam powder is a straightforward recipe to put together at home in a few minutes. Freshly ground spices, herbs, and lentils will make the perfect tastemaker for your rasam recipe while you have the chance to control what goes in your rasam powder recipe.

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  • Spices & Herbs
  • 1/2 cup 1/2 Coriander seeds

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 Cumin seeds

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 Black peppercorns

  • 10 10 Dried red chilies (broken into pieces)

  • 1/2 tbsp 1/2 Fenugreek seeds

  • 1 tsp 1 Ground turmeric

  • 1 tsp 1 Asafoetida

  • 10 10 Curry leaves (Fresh)

  • Other ingredients
  • 1/4 cup 1/4 Chana dal

  • 1/4 cup 1/4 Toor dal

  • Equipment
  • 1 1 Saucepan/ skillet

  • 1 1 Wooden Spatula

  • 1 1 Plate (Large)

  • 1 1 Spice grinder

  • 1 1 Fine mesh sieve

  • 1 1 Paper towel/ kitchen towel

  • 1 1 Air-tight glass container/ mason jar


  • First, keep the saucepan/skillet over medium flame and allow it to heat. Add the coriander seeds and dry-roast them, stirring constantly. After about 20 seconds, add the curry leaves to the same batch and roast them both until fragrant and the curry leaves crispy. Remove them from the pan and transfer them to a large plate to cool down. Set them aside.
  • Next, add the black peppercorns to the same pan and roast until they emit a smoky aroma. Remove them from the pan and put them on the same plate with coriander and curry leaves.
  • Now add the fenugreek seeds and roast them until fragrant and somewhat changed color. Remove the fenugreek seeds from the pan and put them on the same plate to cool down. Set them aside.
  • Work with cumin immediately. You will also have to roast the cumin seeds until fragrant and slightly changes color. Cumin will only take a few seconds to roast. Remove them from the pan and transfer them to the spice plate.
  • After roasting the cumin seeds, put the broken pieces of the dried red chiles. Roast them until the chiles emit a smoky perfume and the pieces slightly change color. Do not let the chile pieces burn. Remove them from the pan and transfer them to the plate to cool down.
  • Finally, you can work with lentils. Add toor dal and chana dal to the pan and roast them until they are aromatic and golden brown. Remove them from the saucepan/ skillet and put them on the same spice plate.
  • Once you are done roasting all the whole ingredients. Let them cool down on the plate for another 05 more minutes.
  • Wipe the jar of your grinder using a clean paper towel/ kitchen towel to ensure it has no moisture or dirt.
  • Scoop the spices and lentils into the grinder jar along with ground turmeric and asafoetida. Grind everything until all the ingredients are very well incorporated and you get a fine powder. You can work in batches if you have a small grinder jar.
  • Run your spice mixture through a fine mesh sieve to remove any lumps. Re-grind the chunks and add them to the spice mixture.
  • Use immediately as desired, or store your homemade rasam powder in an air-tight container/ spice jar.

Tasty Notes by SpiceRally

  • It is essential to keep the stove’s flame in check throughout the roasting process of your ingredients. Do not allow any of them to roast too much or burn, as it will ruin the taste and quality of your rasam powder. Thus, make sure to maintain a medium flame without increasing the flame.
  • Although we have used a generous amount of black peppercorns and dried red chiles, feel free to adjust these amounts to suit your palate.
  • You can find asafoetida in the supermarket or at Asian stores. But leave it out if you can’t find it around.
  • You can work with one type of lentil if you can’t get both kinds.
  • Throw a dash of garlic powder to make this rasam powder more flavorful!
  • Even though curry leaves are widely found across India, you might find it challenging to get this ingredient if you live in a western country. But if you live in the US, you can get this herb effortlessly at Patel Brothers (an Indian store). Curry leaves sold at this store come in the name of “neem leaves,” which you can use as curry leaves in anything.
  • Make sure to store your freshly made rasam powder in a tight-fitting glass container after use. Use a dry spoon to scoop out the content each time you need to use it. When stored properly, you can use this spice blend for up to one month.

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