This magical blend does not only confine to the Indian sambar curry, just because it starts with the word “sambar”. So, let’s bring you some unconventional ways to use sambar powder to add a tad bit of Asian twist to your dishes!

You can use your store-bought or homemade sambar powder in the following unconventional ways:

  1. To flavor soups and stews
  2. As a seasoning ingredient for meat and fish
  3. To perk up Indian-style rice dishes
  4. To be included when making stir-fried vegetable curries
  5. To jazz up curry sauces and gravies

Never underestimate the use of your jar of sambar powder! Let’s check out all of its uses in detail…

5 Unconventional Ways To Use Sambar Powder

South Indian households and restaurants are literally incomplete without sambar! They use this vegetable curry alongside many of their traditional main dishes such as Idli, Thosai, Lentil Vada- and you name it! Sambar powder is the base flavoring of this delicious sambar curry. 

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But sambar powder certainly does not stop there. In fact, the vibrant, warm, earthy, and flavorful essence of this spice blend can be used in many other ways to upgrade your daily dishes.  Have you ever wondered how to use this magical powder apart from adding it to your typical sambar curry? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered with several ways to add this to your favorite recipes if you have a packet or a jar of sambar powder. 

The flavor of this blend is not so overpoweringly spicy or hot, so that you can surprise your entire family with tasty Indian-style dishes.

1- To Flavor Soups And Stews

Sambar powder is one of the ideal flavors that could complement liquid-based recipes like soups and stews. You can use a pinch of this spice blend as the base of your vegetable stew or lentil and veggie soup to make a soul-satisfying, hearty dish! 

The ground lentils in this mixture will lend richness to the broth so that you don’t need to use any other thickeners like cornstarch. This will also give depth to coconut milk-based soups and stews. 

Pair sambar powder with vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, eggplant, green beans, carrots, etc. You could also try a piece of chicken breast/ thigh or seasoned shrimp to enhance the taste. This will take your dish to a whole new level (thank us later)!

2- As A Seasoning Ingredient For Meat And Fish

As a very least known fact, sambar powder is a fantastic flavoring agent for animal proteins as well! This might not act solely as meat, fish, or other seafood seasonings. But still, you can use it as one of the main ingredients in a rub or a marinade. 

The rich texture of ground lentils will give these animal proteins a delicious crust when grilling, roasting, baking, or frying. You could also incorporate sambar powder into batters made to dip and fry shrimp, cuttlefish, mushrooms, and even tofu or paneer. 

Mix additional ingredients like garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, sugar, olive oil, etc., to get the best results when using this with meat or seafood.

3- To Perk Up Indian-Style Rice Dishes

You must be aware of several Indian-style rice dishes like lentil rice, biryani, turmeric rice, etc. Hence, our topic leader is virtually one of the best ingredients you can use to perk up these rice dishes without overpowering their taste. 

Sambar powder gives a characteristic flavor to traditional Indian-style rice dishes, lending a flavor tweak with its exotic flavor profile. You can combine a pinch of this spice blend with your classic ghee rice or yellow rice for an instant Indian meal! 

Pair these rice meals with a vegetable curry, cashew stir-fry, or a spicy chicken/fish curry to treat your loved ones to a wholesome Asian lunch or dinner!

4- To Be Included When Making Stir-Fried Vegetable Curries

Stir-fried vegetable curries are popular dishes made in Southeast Asian cuisine. So, why not give them a try? You can undoubtedly use sambar powder to help you with a simple yet tasteful stir-fried vegetable curry. Use this spice mixture as the base of your dish and mix a variety of vegetables. 

The rich flavor profile of our topic leader also complements mushrooms, soya, tofu, etc., so you can use these ingredients in your stir-fried curry as well. Combine everything with coconut milk at the end, and enjoy a divine, healthy meal with your family!

5- To Jazz Up Curry Sauces And Gravies

Are you bored of making gravy and curry sauces the same old way? That being said, we have good news! Sambar powder can make it all up for your simple curry sauce or quickly prepared gravy. 

Give a different taste dimension and profundity with a dash of sambar powder, particularly in British-Indian curry sauces and gravy made to serve alongside meat or Indian finger foods. 

This spice blend is the perfect ingredient to get that authentic “punch” within a short period of time and with fewer ingredients. So, what would you like to make- curry sauce or gravy?

Click on this link and follow up on this article to get sophisticated knowledge about what sambar powder is and what ingredients are used in it.

On The Bottom Line…

Sambar powder is one of the best spice blends in the world that you should not hesitate to experiment with! The main reason for this is its gentle, not-so-intense flavor profile and its ability to complement a variety of vegetables. 

Most of the spice blends or seasonings we use in Western cuisine often go well with meat and seafood, while we have a small number of combinations to complement veggies. 

So now you have a choice! You can use sambar powder to enhance and upgrade the taste of many of your favorite family recipes, giving them a fantastic Asian punch!

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