Warm, cozy, and hearty, a bowl of soup has the power to keep the soul of a person always comfortable. Those who know the soothing sensation and taste of real chicken soup would never want to pass one. Recipes for each country would have subtle differences in the ingredients used and in the taste. 

Different cuisines use distinct spices in order to enhance the flavor of their bowl of chicken soup. The spices that are generally used in a chicken soup can be:

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Black pepper/ peppercorns

Moreover, a few countries use flavorings in their authentic chicken soup recipes like:

  • Turmeric
  • Saffron
  • Galangal
  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Bay Leaves
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Garlic Powder
Best Spices For Chicken Soup - SpiceRally

Thus, let us share with you about the best spices for chicken soup and how these aromatic and flavorful savors could spice up your healthy bowl of soup.

Galangal is a staple used in Thai cuisine. If you are interested in learning more about Thai spices, just click here. 

Best Spices For Chicken Soup

Spices are magic ingredients that could give life to any tasteless or dull dish. In fact, they blend in with all other ingredients in a particular recipe to enhance its flavor, aroma, and sometimes even the texture. Likewise, when certain spices are included in chicken soup, it will make you a go-to meal rich in taste and health. 

Cuisines all around the world have diverse ways of making their own chicken soup. Most countries use fresh herbs and chicken soup spices to enhance its taste and smell. In addition, it gets its texture mainly through the broth used. Fresh vegetables, juicy chicken, and sometimes pasta, noodles, or rice play a significant role in giving the soup a great kick and consistency.

Best Spices For Chicken Soup | SpiceRally
Best Spices For Chicken Soup | SpiceRally

However, the ingredients may depend on your taste preferences, and chicken soup is a dish that could be customized upon someone’s likes and dislikes. 

On that note, let us have a peek at the chicken soup spices that are generally used to add an ultimate flavor note to an ordinary soup pot. 

01- Garlic

Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, garlic is extremely healthy to be incorporated with any dish. Most countries use garlic in their pots of chicken soup thanks to the amazing, pungent flavor and intense aroma it gives.

Generally, raw garlic cloves are often chopped into tiny pieces and used in the first few steps in making the soup. Garlic is a spice that pairs well with ginger. Hence, some countries use garlic alone, while a few countries use it with ginger or galangal. Here are some cuisines represented with chicken soup that has garlic in them:

  • Greek Chicken Soup (Greek Avgolemono)
  • French Chicken Soup
  • Spanish Chicken Soup (Sopa de Pollo con Fideos)
  • Mexican Chicken Soup (Caldo de Pollo)
  • Thai Chicken Soup (Tom Kha Gai)
  • Indian Chicken Soup
  • Japanese Chicken Soup
  • Korean Chicken Soup (Dak Gomtang)

Information alert – granulated garlic is an excellent addition to soups! Are you interested in more details? Then you just one snap away from here.

02- Ginger

Ginger is another spice that is used in most chicken soup recipes in many countries. Usually, fresh ginger root is used in chicken soup, either sliced, grated or chopped. This spice gives the fresh and subtle heaty sensation, which most soup enthusiasts would love to savor. Ginger often pairs well with garlic, onions, and other vegetables that are used in chicken soup.

Most cuisines are hardly excluding ginger from their traditional soup recipes. Since it is a spice rich in anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve an upset stomach, ginger necessarily provides something more than the taste and aroma. The cuisines that we list below use ginger in their chicken soup recipes:

  • Mexican Chicken Soup
  • Thai Chicken Soup (Tom Kha Gai- sometimes they use Galanga in place of ginger)
  • Indian Chicken Soup
  • Korean Chicken Soup (Dak Gomtang)
  • Japanese Chicken Soup

03- Black pepper/ Peppercorns

This spicy tiny black color seed can do wonders with your soup pot! Since we are talking in terms of general spices used in chicken soup, we can undoubtedly say that black pepper or peppercorns are a staple in most soup recipes. Generally, black pepper is coarsely crushed and in powdered form.

However, some recipes are prepared using whole black peppercorns, which also adds a great taste and texture. Moreover, this spice also acts as a seasoning when incorporated with salt and blends in well with garlic, ginger, and the entire pot of soup. Apart from its taste-enhancing properties, earthy, carminative, and spicy black pepper is known for its anti-cancer qualities, anti-inflammatory effects, and potential to lower cholesterol and alleviate the common cold and upset stomach.

Black pepper/ Peppercorns | SpiceRally
Black pepper/ Peppercorns | SpiceRally

Here is a list of popular cuisines that make chicken soup using black pepper as a staple ingredient:

  • Chicken Soup of the USA
  • Italian Chicken Soup
  • Indian Chicken Soup
  • Japanese Chicken Soup
  • Jewish Chicken Soup (Jewish Penicillin)
  • Hungarian Chicken Soup (Csirkeleves)
  • German Chicken Soup

In addition to these general spices, as mentioned above, we can see that a few other countries use some unique flavorings in their chicken soup recipes. For example, Mexican cuisine uses saffron, and Chinese cuisine uses turmeric. South-Indian chicken soup recipes also contain spices like coriander seeds, cumin, curry leaves, cinnamon, cardamoms, and cloves. Plus, the traditional chicken soup by Jewish, German, and Indian cuisine mainly includes bay leaves. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy Chai? Black pepper is one of the main ingredients included in this beverage, and you can get more information about the spices used in Chai if you click here.

How Do I Spice Up Bland Chicken Soup?

A tricky question- isn’t that so? But do not worry. When you know the right ingredients and the exact time to use them in any dish, you know you possess the qualities of a professional chef! Well, when it comes to a bland soup, there are a few things that you can count on. In fact, spices can play a remarkable role in flavoring a dull bowl of soup. 

However, it is necessary to be watchful when adding salt. According to pro-chefs around the world, you should consider emphasizing the taste of a tasteless soup by adding acid instead of salt. That is, simply, to include lemon or lime juice rather than salt. And a dash of pepper, a squeeze of lime or lemon juice, and hints of fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, thyme, and basil can surprisingly enrich the taste of the bland soup that you have been disappointed with.

The Soupy Conclusion 

Chicken soup is comforting and healing. And therefore, this is one of the leading causes of giving it to sick or recovering people. It is also considered a low-carb meal that is enjoyed by many who are interested in losing weight. Chicken soup lovers scattered all over the world pay extra interest in the taste-enhancers included in their bowls. And it is the place where chicken soup spices enter the show!

Using spices with this dish gives the perfect punch and kick it deserves and makes it more appealing with every sip. However, adjusting the amounts of spices, herbs, or whatever the ingredient used depends on the preference of the consumer. And remember that chicken soup is something that you can totally customize with your own likes and dislikes.

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