You might be thinking that all curry powders are the same. But they are actually not! On that note, let us bring you all the ins and outs of Thai curry powder vs Indian curry powder, comparing them deeper.

The main difference between Thai curry powder and Indian curry powder is the intensity between the two blends. Indian curry powder (aka Madras curry powder) is usually more spicy, piquant, and contains more spices, while you could even find mild and hot versions of it. On the other hand, Thai curry powder is mild, less intense, and less spicy than Indian curry powder, while they don’t differ much in usage.

So, ever had doubts about these two spice blends? Let’s clear it out for you!

Thai Curry Powder Vs Indian Curry Powder.

Thai Curry Powder Vs Indian Curry Powder - SpiceRally
Thai Curry PowderIndian Curry Powder (Madras Curry Powder)
Flavor profileMilder and less piquant than Indian curry powder with earthy, warm, and spicy flavor elements.Spicier, more intense, and more robust than Thai curry powder with warm and earthy undertones.
Base flavorWarm and spicyWarm and spicy
Ingredients– Turmeric
– White pepper
– Ginger/ galangal
– Cloves
– Bay leaves
– Coriander
– Cumin
– Red chili flakes/ powder

Might also contain the following:

– Onion powder
– Dried parsley
– Chili powder
– Garlic powder
– Ground nutmeg
– Ground cinnamon
– Dried basil
– Coriander
– Cumin
– Black peppercorns
– Cloves
– Fennel
– Ground turmeric
– Fenugreek seeds
– Mustard seeds
– Cinnamon
– Dried or powdered Kashmiri red chiles

May also include the following:

Curry leaves
– Asafoetida
– Cardamom
TextureA fine, dry powdered mixtureA fine, dry powdered mixture
Heat and spicinessLess hot and spicy than Indian curry powderGenerally spicier and hotter than Thai curry powder
ColorGenerally yellowish-brown in color.Pale yellow to brownish in color. The color of Indian curry powder depends on the ingredients used.

Follow up on this link and refer to our detailed version of Thai curry powder for further information on this spice blend

Mode of usage in cookingAs an ingredientAs an ingredient
Usage in cooking– Mainly used in Thai-inspired curries.
– Adds depth to sauces and gravies.
– Can be mixed into ground fish, meat, and other seafood recipes.
– Works as a base for hearty soups, stews, and broths.
– Flavors marinades and rubs for seasoning fish, seafood, or meat.
– Ideally goes with Indian-inspired curries.
– Can be added to rice and noodle dishes.
– Flavors lentils and vegetables.
Spices up coconut milk-based stews, broths, and soups.
– Can be used as an ingredient for rubs and marinades.
OriginThai cuisineIndian cuisine
Mode of productionBoth homemade and commercially made options can be found.Both homemade and commercially made options can be found.
AvailabilityCan be purchased from online vendors, supermarkets, and Asian grocery stores under a few brand names.It is widely available in supermarkets, local and Asian groceries, or online shopping sites under many brand names
StorageShould be stored in an air-tight spice container/jar/shaker in a cool, dark, dry place. It can be kept with the rest of your dry spices/seasonings.Should be stored in an air-tight spice container/jar/shaker in a cool, dark, dry place. It can be kept with the rest of your dry spices/seasonings.
Culinary ingredient categorySpice blend/ mixtureSpice blend/ mixture
Thai Curry Powder Vs Indian Curry Powder – SpiceRally Showdown

Let’s Understand More About The Difference Between Thai Curry Powder And Indian Curry Powder!

Thai curry powder and Indian curry powder are both different varieties of curry powder rooted in different nations and cooking cultures. Despite the fact that one is a little too intense and diverse in terms of ingredients, they both have very similar purposes when it comes to cooking. 

Thus, we find very few differences between these two spice blends while they can share a lot of mutual characteristics. However, Thai curry powder tends to have a more gentle flavor and stick to the same set of ingredients. But Indian curry powder, in contrast, is subjected to vary depending on the household or production, containing different elements and also differing in heat levels. 

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Accordingly, Indian curry powder holds a more complex flavor profile, pairing well with Indian-inspired dishes. In distinction, Thai curry powder is a better option when you make less spicy Western-style curries and recipes.

Can Curry Powder Be Used In Place Of Indian Curry Powder And Vice Versa?

These two spice blends are highly interchangeable to be used as a substitute for one another when one product is not around. In fact, if you don’t mind having a little bit more intensity in your dishes, you can use Indian curry powder and Thai curry powder, too, which works the same way even though it is less spicy.

Click on this link to discover more Thai curry powder substitutes and learn how to use them.

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