Mojo, properly pronounced as “mo-ho,” is an integral part of Canarian cuisine that also marks its place in Hispanic and Caribbean cuisines. Thus, this episode will unveil mojo sauce ingredients and how delicious this could be!

Mojo sauce holds a profundity of flavor with a combination of herbs, spices, and other flavorings. This sauce has several varieties, and Cuban mojo sauce is the most popular in the USA. Accordingly, the ingredients used in this sauce vary depending on the type, but it generally and traditionally includes garlic, black pepper, ground cumin, olive oil, salt, etc.

Depending on the variety or recipe, some versions might also include sour orange juice (Naranja Agria), lemon juice, lime juice, chili peppers, sugar, vinegar, etc. So, let’s check out what else we have for you from the rest of the article!

What Is Mojo Sauce?

Mojo is basically an aromatic, garlicky, and pungent sauce that is massive in flavor. This is a staple in Canarian cuisine and holds a special place throughout the Caribbean and Hispanic cooking.

This sauce is used with food like Papas Arrugadas, wrinkled potatoes, and as a dipping sauce for plantain chips, cassava chips, or fries. Although mojo is called a sauce, it works wonders as a marinade too. 

It is typically used to marinate slow-roasted pork, while you can also use it with chicken, steak, turkey, etc. The flavor profile of mojo sauce always varies depending on the ingredients used. Several types of mojo exist, and dry mojo seasoning is a different variety from the sauce since it is more like a dry rub.

If you are interested in learning everything about mojo seasoning, click on this link and refer to this article.

Types Of Mojo Sauce

The Canaries use the term “Mojo” as a generic term for sauce. And traditionally, Canarian mojo versions include green mojo (Mojo Verde), red mojo (Mojo Rojo), and spicy mojo sauce (Mojo Picon). They have some significant color and flavor differences.

Green mojo sauce usually includes fresh herbs like cilantro and chili peppers like green jalapenos so that it gets its deep green color. At the same time, red mojo sauce is rich in red peppers and spices like paprika, while Mojo Picon is spicier than the other two types. It usually includes hotter red peppers and pepper powders.

The Cuban variety (Mojo Criollo), which Americans love, is very different from all these types. Garlic is the base flavor of the Cuban mojo sauce. And other spices like black pepper, ground cumin, and dried oregano are used with signature ingredients like sour orange juice and extra virgin olive oil.

What Spices Are In Mojo Sauce?

Since we are focusing on the Cuban mojo sauce, we thought of discussing the main spices that it contains. As we mentioned previously, Cuban mojo sauce or Mojo Criollo is the type that is prevalent among the US community. Hence, it is not so hot but rich in garlic and olive oil.

01- Garlic

Pungent, aromatic, and powerful garlic is considered the base flavor of this sauce. And we see they use a pretty decent amount of garlic in most homemade recipes. In fact, this spice is the heart of this sauce which gives its potency to complement particularly meat-based dishes.

If you are interested in trying out making mojo sauce at home, we are ready to assist you with a super simple and delicious homemade Cuban mojo sauce recipe. Click here and get the step-by-step guide!

02- Black Pepper

Black pepper is another staple in this sauce, and it pairs really well with the overall garlicky undertone. This spice brings an earthy, piney, and distinctive peppery kick to mojo sauce, versatile enough to go with any dish that calls for it.

03- Ground Cumin

Earthy, nutty, warm, and slightly sweet ground cumin is one of the perfect mojo sauce ingredients that goes with meat and seafood. Cumin is integral to Cuban cooking, like garlic, black pepper, and oregano. Therefore, this spice backs up the flavors of the rest of the ingredients used in this.

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Herbs In Mojo Sauce

Apparently, dried oregano is the herb that shows up mostly in this Cuban mojo sauce. This herb has a subtle balance between sweet and spicy with a minty aroma and robust flavor. It is bold and earthy enough to intensify the flavors of other flavorings like garlic, black pepper, and cumin.

Other Mojo Sauce Ingredients

Apart from the basic spices and herbs discussed on top, sour orange juice is an essential component of this sauce. And it is sometimes substituted with lemon juice, regular orange juice, and lime juice. In addition, most homemade and commercially made mojo sauce varieties might include:

  • Salt
  • Onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Other preservatives and additives (applicable to store-bought options)

The dry mojo seasoning blend is as flavorful as mojo sauce, and you can use it to flavor any kind of meat or roasted vegetables. So, if you need to make this blend at home, click on this link to get the detailed step-by-step guide.

Concluding With Mojo Sauce And Its Ingredients…

Palatable mojo sauce is lavishly flavored with garlic, black pepper, ground cumin, dried oregano, citrus juices, olive oil, etc., to give you the goodness of an incredibly flavorful meal. In fact, it is something you should have in your pantry, as you can make excellent marinades for your meat and seafood or enjoy it with Cuban dishes!

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