Chicken bouillon pops up like a bright light for soup, stews, rice dishes, and other recipes for a richer flavor. But, what will you do when you don’t have this go-to seasoning? So, here are some practical chicken bouillon powder substitutes that can help you.

If you can’t get chicken bouillon powder, the most effective replacement would be other forms of chicken bouillon such as cubes, granules, and pastes. In addition to this, you may also count on other alternatives such as:

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01- The Best Substitute For Chicken Bouillon Powder- Chicken Bouillon Cubes, Granules and Pastes

When you buy chicken bouillon powder and don’t find it on the seasoning aisle, there are other great options you can lay your hands on. Chicken bouillon cubes, granules, and pastes contain the same base of the powder which probably differs in texture.

If you care only about the flavor, all three would work. But, if you are looking for an alternative that should be similar in texture, chicken bouillon granules are your best bet. While you have no choice in altering the consistency of the paste, you can crumble the cubes and turn them into something closer to what you want.

Why Are Chicken Bouillon Cubes, Granules, and Pastes The Best Options?

  • These options essentially contain the same ingredients as in chicken bouillon powder. Therefore, when substituted, they give the same flavor, depth, and color to your dishes.
  • Chicken bouillon cubes, paste and granules are easy to find from anywhere. They come under many brands and in many sizes that suit your needs.
  • Cubes and paste are usually available in value packs which is important if you’re using chicken bouillon often.
  • The paste generally contains a more concentrated flavor ideal for making richer liquids and gravy-based dishes.
  • Chicken bouillon cubes are versatile and easier to use, especially in soups and other liquid-based recipes.

How To Use These Options?

  • One chicken bouillon cube is equivalent to one tablespoon of chicken bullion powder. Likewise, you can also use the granules in a 1:1 ratio if you wish to substitute.
  • However, chicken bouillon paste can have a richer flavor. Therefore, it would be best if you start with half the amount that is required and then build up the taste later.
  • The actual amount depends on the dish and the batch you make. So, it is important to monitor your usage of the other primary ingredients of the dish.

The Flavorful Output!

The successful flavor development of the dish is the final output you can get by using the replacements. They will not harm the outcome of your dish and preserve the overall quality which makes them the best of the chicken bouillon powder substitutes.

What Are The Downsides Of Using These Substitutes? 

  • Chicken bullion powder is more versatile, while cubes and pastes can be limited to certain applications.
  • Chicken bouillon cubes and paste might have a more concentrated, deeper flavor that could sometimes overpower your dishes if overused.
  • Sodium content in each substitute may vary depending on the product. Therefore, you will have to encounter an inconsistency in saltiness in each of these alternatives.

Can I Use Other Types Of Bouillon Cubes, Powders, Granules, and Pastes?

Unlike the days in the past, now there’s a huge variety of bouillon on the market. You can get this from different types that contain the essence of other meat types and even vegan-friendly, and vegetarian-friendly versions.

So, if you happened to have one of them at home or found anything on the aisle of the supermarket, it is worth giving them a shot. Unless you aren’t a very good fan of other types of meat, something like beef bouillon can essentially work in place of chicken bouillon powder.

However, vegetable-based bullion is a win for anyone since it has the taste and feel of our topic leader. It is just that you will not savor the subtle flavor of chicken, which will often remain disguised.

Other Recommended Alternatives For Chicken Bullion Powder

02- Make Your Own At Home

If you want the flavor, color, and exact taste of chicken bullion powder, making your batch at home can be the best possibility. Making this seasoning at home counts for some time and effort. But, it is worth the effort since you can have amazing results.

With spices, heat, and salt, you may even add flavor enhancers like monosodium glutamate (MSG) to get the true feel of shop-bought bouillon powder. You may even have a richer taste in homemade chicken bouillon powder if your base (the broth) is well-spiced and seasoned.

You can use your freshly made batch with any application just like you originally used the store-bought stuff. The amounts may depend on the strength of your recipe and on the nature of the dish you make.

If you’re looking for a place to start with homemade chicken bouillon powder, we are here to help you with a complete guide. Click on this link for the recipe!

03- Chicken Stock and Chicken Broth

If you are searching for an effective alternative for your soup, stew, or any other liquid-based dish, there’s nothing like chicken broth or stock. Both homemade and store-bought stuff can work magically here. Out of these two substitutes, we would give 10/10 for chicken broth. It has almost all the flavor elements you get from our topic leader.

But, if you’re using chicken stock, you may have to adjust the flavor by using additional seasonings like spices and herbs to get a closer taste replication. As you see, these two substitutes will only work in liquid-based recipes and not otherwise. Consequently, the amounts used depend on the dish you make.

How About Using Other Types Of Bone Broth?

Yes to this! You can certainly use any other type of bone broth instead of chicken bouillon powder. But as we mentioned on top, this also applies only to liquid-based dishes. Moreover, this could be a concern for those who do not consume other types of meat.

Apart from that, bone broth of other types of meat is an excellent substitute that can mimic the taste and feel of chicken bouillon powder. Types like beef, turkey, or mutton broth can flavor most of your favorite soups and stews!

04- Ramen Seasoning Sachets Inside Ramen Packets

This would not light on top of our minds regarding the hard decision-making to find a substitute. But still, this can be such an effective little companion! It is such a lifesaver when you need to make noodle soup, seasoned rice dishes, stews, and certain noodle dishes.

The ramen seasoning sachets can contain a lot of spices and herbs along with chicken bouillon powder. Therefore, it will give the result you need. However, it is important to look out for the amount of heat in them since some can be fiery hot which can change the overall flavor profile of your dish.

05- The Decent Last Choice- Italian Seasoning

Italian seasoning is also one of the best go-to seasoning blends that can be found in most homes. This ingredient blends the goodness of several flavorful herbs and often includes salt. These herbs are usually used in chicken bouillon powder therefore it ticks the box to give a similar flavor replication.

Italian seasoning can practically work with any application that originally required chicken bouillon powder. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this substitute will not contain the richness of chicken. Therefore, you may need to adjust it in your dish using other ingredients.

Did you know that Italian seasoning is also one of the most flavorful additions to level-up chicken soup? Click on this link and refer to our article if you need to discover more seasonings to flavor chicken soup.

These Go-to Chicken Bouillon Powder Substitutes Will Always Work Whenever You Need Them!

Although chicken bouillon powder is one of the most common seasonings that comes in handy, there can be times when we have to work out things without it. In such instances, the alternatives we discussed throughout this article can help you.

Chicken bouillon cubes, granules, and pastes are impactful chicken bouillon powder substitutes while chicken broth, stock, and bone broth can also be useful. The content in ramen seasoning packets and Italian seasoning can also function as effective options whenever our topic leader is not around!

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