Coming to your table as a wholesome food, the pleasingly and distinctively tasty salmon is worth adding to your diet regularly. So, let’s share some of the best herbs for salmon that’ll go well with its taste.

Get these herbs to improve the taste of your salmon dish, no matter what way you make it:

  1. Dill leaves
  2. Cilantro
  3. Parsley
  4. Bay leaves
  5. Sage
  6. Fennel leaves
  7. Thyme
  8. Tarragon
  9. Rosemary

Keep reading till the end and pick out the best herbs to come up with a perfect salmon treat for your entire family!

The 09 Best Herbs For Salmon

Those who know the quality of a good seasoning also know that spices or other flavorings are not enough to do the trick. In fact, culinary herbs have this amazing effect on salmon to enhance it while adding nutrients and a unique kick of herbal undertone.  

The best thing is that the versatile flavor and texture of salmon go well with many herbs that you already have at home. So, you can decide on what herb to use with the relevant salmon dish you make after referring to the explanations provided below under each item.

01- Dill Leaves

The fresh, bright, and sweet flavor of dill leaves (dill weed) is one of the most standard herbs that pairs with salmon. The not-so-overpowering taste of dill teams up with a dash of lemon juice and is particularly great when making butter sauce for salmon. 

Depending on your preference, you can use frozen dried or fresh dill. While the most common way to incorporate dill with this fish is when baking, you can also use it when roasting or pan-searing it.

02- Cilantro

Lemony, pungent, and slightly peppery cilantro (coriander leaves) do wonders with baked and grilled salmon! Most of the time, freshly chopped cilantro tends to lend more flavor and aroma than dried cilantro. 

Thus, it pairs well with garlic, lemon, black pepper, honey, and butter to give an amazing, unexpected flavor boost to your salmon dish. Baste your salmon filets in a marinade made with fresh cilantro, garlic, lime, salt, and black pepper overnight for the best results. Bake, grill, or pop them in the air fryer for a hearty, satisfying, healthy meal!

03- Parsley

Both flat-leaf and curl-leaf parsley can be included in most of your favorite salmon recipes. While dried and fresh flat-leaf parsley adds flavor, fresh curl-leaf parsley is often incorporated as a garnish. The bright, slightly bitter, and herbaceous undertones of this herb complement the rich, buttery, and subtle taste of this fish, regardless of the recipe. 

Hence, you can use dried parsley with the marinades and rubs, while freshly chopped parsley can be included with sauces or to top the filets. Pair this herb with any other herb that goes with salmon, along with garlic, olive oil, butter, and lemon.

04- Bay Leaves

Bay leaves can be the secret tastemaker, while it will be special enough to work only in salmon dishes that are made according to a few specific methods. This herb’s distinctive earthy, woody, and almost minty flavor gives its best flavor when added to well-spiced salmon dishes. 

However, you should not use bay leaves as a key ingredient when pan-frying or marinating this fish. But still, it will make a huge difference when you bake or grill salmon locked in a foil or when making salmon risotto. 

It is also important to remember that you need to pair bay leaves with other robust ingredients such as black pepper, vinegar, wine, fresh dill leaves, lemon, butter, and other seasoning blends. You can use both dried or fresh bay leaves as desired.

05- Sage

Powerful sage is incredibly aromatic with bold, sharp, slightly minty, and musky hints.  This remarkable herb should be used sparingly with delicate food like salmon since too much sage can easily overpower your dish. 

Therefore, combine this with other ingredients like garlic, onion, olive oil, mustard, black pepper, butter, etc., when including it in a sauce for salmon, marinades, or rubs. Sear, grill, bake or fry salmon to your heart’s content with dried or fresh sage, making a special treat for your family, especially on celebrating days!

06- Fennel Leaves

Fennel leaves and salmon go so well together that you need to use this combination regularly with your dishes. The mild, sweet, and licorice-like flavor notes of this herb are great when used fresh and paired with other ingredients like lime, garlic, mustard, olives, tomatoes, etc. 

Roasted fennel leaves lend a natural caramelized sweetness to salmon, making a significant difference in grilled salmon dishes. Moreover, you can also make special dishes like pesto, salads, or slow-roasted salmon if you need to come up with more complex recipes.

07- Thyme

This herb packs a punch that could add a depth of flavor to most classic and easy salmon dishes you regularly make. 

So, it is considered a must-use with roasted, baked, grilled, or pan-seared salmon. The robust herbal flavor of fresh thyme gets intensified when cooking while it also offers sharp, earthy, and somewhat minty tones. 

You can use dried thyme in marinades or rubs, while fresh thyme goes great with garlic and butter sauces made to top baked salmon. Pair this herb with parsley, tarragon, garlic, olive oil, lemon, honey, etc., for a better flavor.

08- Tarragon

Tarragon is a great accompaniment to many salmon dishes that complement its buttery and delicate flavor when you need a French, European touch to your meals. The flavor profile of this herb is often recognized as a cross between licorice, fennel, and anise. 

It is aromatic and provides an excellent taste when combined with other ingredients such as dijon mustard, citruses, vinegar, and black pepper. You can follow up with dried tarragon since it is readily available to liven up your slow-roasted, baked, poached, or grilled salmon dishes.

09- Rosemary

Fresh sprigs of rosemary and dried rosemary are commonly associated with fish and red meats. Thus, you can undoubtedly use this herb to complement salmon as well! The intricate and subtle flavor profile of rosemary also gives an incredible aroma with woodsy and slightly peppery undertones. 

You can pair this herb with complementary ingredients like lemon, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper. Broil, bake, roast, or pan-sear your salmon filets with fresh or dried rosemary, incorporating it with sauce for a better taste.

Celebrate Each Meal With A Wholesome Herb-infused Salmon Dish!

As you see, including herbs can virtually make a delicious difference in any salmon recipe you make. Fresh and dried herbs like rosemary, tarragon, bay leaves, sage, cilantro, dill leaves, etc., can be an excellent addition to season salmon when paired with other spices and herbs. So, what is your favorite herbal combination? Let us know in the comment section below!

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