At a glance, You might see that these two curry pastes are different in color. But actually, that is not the only way that Thai green curry paste and yellow curry paste differ. Therefore, you will get your doubts cleared with this feature.

The main difference between these two curry pastes comes down to their colors. Moreover, Thai green curry paste has green chilies as its base which is countable for its spicy, warm, and herbal undertone. While on the contrary, Thai yellow curry paste holds a less spicy, warm, and “curry” flavor due to its turmeric and curry powder/spices base.

On this note, let’s further check out what similarities and differences these two curry pastes possess.

Thai Green Curry Paste Vs Yellow Curry Paste- Difference Elaborated

If you are someone who adores giving a try to Asian dishes more often, the difference between these two curry pastes might have concerned you. In fact, they are different and unique in their own ways.

Thai Green Curry Paste Vs Yellow Curry Paste - SpiceRally

Above all, their flavor profiles, spiciness, and usage in cooking have significant differences that we believe are important when incorporating with the dishes. Thus, if you already have these pastes at home or are hoping to buy or make them, the table below will be super worthy!

How much do you know about the difference between Thai red curry paste and yellow curry paste? We have got you covered with a thoroughly detailed article about the differences between these two curry pastes right here!

So, look into our comparison chart here, where we have enlightened you with the facts about Thai green curry paste vs yellow curry paste.

Thai Green Curry PasteThai Yellow Curry Paste
Base FlavorGreen chiliesTurmeric and spices/ curry powder
Types of chilies usedGreen chiliesDried yellow/red chilies (in a small quantity)
Other IngredientsGreen chilies 
Cumin seeds
Coriander seeds
Galangal/ Ginger
White pepper/ black pepper
Coriander root (cilantro root)
Thai basil leaves
Coriander leaves
Kaffir lime peel
Shrimp paste
Traces of fish
Ground coriander
Ground cumin
Curry powder
White pepper/black pepper
Fenugreek seeds
Kaffir lime peel/kaffir lime leaves
Shrimp paste
Flavor ProfileSpicy, warm with herbal, salty, and sour flavor notes.Somewhat spicy (not biting). It has a warm hint with a strong “curry” punch.
ColorLight, medium, or dark greenHas a golden yellow tint.
Level of spicinessSpicier than the yellow curry pasteLess spicy than the green curry paste
Availability– It can be homemade or bought from the store.
– Widely available in leading supermarkets, Asian grocery stores, local grocers, and online shopping sites.
– Can be purchased as pre-packaged ones or can be made at home.
– Broadly available in Asian groceries, leading supermarkets, online shopping platforms, and local grocery stores
Forms of availabilityIt comes to the table in the form of a paste in different containers of various sizes and shapes.This comes as a paste form in containers of different quantities and shapes.
Uses– In curries including traditional Thai green curries
– With meat, fish, and other seafood
-To be incorporated with vegetables
– With eggs
– As a base in soups
– To be mixed in with stews
– In rice, noodles, spaghetti, and pasta dishes
– With stir-fries
– In salad dressings
– To be combined in dipping sauces
– As a taste enhancer in marinades
– In wrap fillings and sandwich spreads
– Excellent with coconut milk-based curries, including traditional Thai yellow curries
– As a base in soups and stews
– To be incorporated in marinades
– To mix with savory batters
– With stir-fries
– In wrap fillings
– With rice, noodles, pasta, and spaghetti
– With vegetables
– To be combined with fusion cooking
Thai Green Curry Paste Vs Yellow Curry Paste – SpiceRally


So, this is all about the differences and similarities between these two major Thai curry pastes. If you ever were in doubt, we believe that we have got you covered with everything you need to know.

In a nutshell, Thai green curry paste is much hotter than yellow curry paste. And therefore, their flavor profiles vary, and so does usage in cooking.

Just as Thai green curry paste differs from yellow curry paste, Thai red chili paste also differs from red curry paste. So, if you need to learn more about this, click on this link and refer to this post.

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