Whenever you need a spicy kick in your savory dish, counting on paprika will never be a decision to regret. Coming with a vibrant red hue, this spice will fit in with your meals providing a sweet, mild, or gentle dynamic spiciness. In fact, the spiciness depends on the peppers used to make the powder.

Using regular paprika instead of smoked paprika can actually change the taste of a particular dish. Explaining more, the robust flavor and smokiness that smoked paprika gives could not be simply replaced by regular paprika. 

So let us share more facts about replacing smoked paprika with regular paprika and see if there are any possibilities. 

Can I Use Regular Paprika Instead Of Smoked Paprika? 

You might already have a jar of smoked paprika and regular paprika in the spice rack of your pantry. In fact, paprika is in a way a must-have ingredient as it is versatile and adds the perfect touch of warmness, especially on a cold winter day.

However, can you really replace smoked paprika with regular paprika? Or, can you use regular paprika in the dishes you need to include smoked paprika? We know that most of you have this issue when cooking.

Can I Use Regular Paprika Instead Of Smoked Paprika? - SpiceRally

Well, we cannot conclude this segment by saying no or yes to this question. And we believe that you need a little explanation and justification for our answer. Practically, if you use regular paprika in the recipes that smoked paprika is required, you will literally have a big twist in the taste. The reason we say this is because, according to culinary experts, the flavor of smoked paprika is utterly unparalleled even to regular paprika. This wouldn’t change even though they fall under the same umbrella and belong to the same family.

As a matter of fact, the unique, robust smokiness this spice provides to the foods is not easy to achieve through ordinary paprika.

Regular paprika and smoked paprika both act as a colorant spice while saffron does the same. So, if you learn something more about saffron, we have a complete article here.

How Does It Go Vice Versa?

Many of you may get the issue the other way round- can regular paprika be substituted with smoked paprika? Well, the dilemma is the same vice versa, particularly when you go for sweet paprika. If you use smoked paprika in a place where sweet paprika is demanded, it will tend to blow out the entire flavor profile of the respective dish. 

Thus, you need to be very mindful when choosing the right type of paprika that goes into your meals. Ultimately, the taste is a critical quality matter of a specific recipe. So we are sure that you don’t want to spoil your hard-made dish by using the wrong ingredients.

Are There Any Substitutes For Smoked Paprika? 

While regular paprika has a lesser chance to replace smoked paprika, you might be thinking about any other replacements that you could use in handy. 

Since we regard the smokiness of smoked paprika that gives a distinctive touch to the dishes, substitutes with similar properties can be considered to replace this spice.

So here are some closely related alternatives that could replace smoked paprika.

01- Chipotle Powder

Chipotle powder, which is also regarded as smoked pepper powder, can be the closest substitute for smoked paprika. It seems that chipotle powder can impeccably imitate the hotness and smokiness that is provided by smoked paprika.

02- Aleppo Pepper

If you need a functional substitute, especially for the dishes that require smoked paprika in the original recipe, you can unquestionably count on Aleppo pepper. 

It has a subtle and neutral flavor and does not necessarily make a dish too spicy. With smoky notes, Aleppo pepper contains hints of tomato zing. 

Both regular paprika and smoked paprika are used in Creole seasoning. But is Creole seasoning the same as Cajun seasoning? To find the answers and discover more details, click right here.

03- Ancho Powder

Ancho powder is not much of a kitchen staple, but it delivers a perfect option to paprika as their heat levels are pretty similar. However, the poblano peppers employed in this powder are just somewhat spicier than pimento pepper. Pimento is the chili that paprika is obtained. 

Since this spice possesses the properties of smokiness, many kitchen experts consider it a good smoked paprika replacement.

04- Liquid Smoke

When we talk in terms of smokiness more than the flavor, liquid smoke can be a possibility to be placed as a substitute. 

However, this ingredient is very powerful and intense; thus, you need to use it in moderation. And, in order to get the color and flavor, you can use a little regular paprika. 

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Packing Up

So as you see, if you are intending to use regular paprika in place of smoked paprika, you will have to think twice before making the decision.

Since regular paprika is not capable of giving that smokiness that smoked paprika would provide, it could change the taste of an entire dish. 

However, when you are the chef in your own kitchen, you have the autonomy to decide the things that should go into your recipes. So, since we have clarified you with the facts, the decision should be your sole preference.

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