Readily available and cost-effective, Cassia cinnamon is an excellent flavor-enhancer widely used in many countries, particularly North America. Cassia cinnamon possesses distinctive properties and benefits compared to other spices in your kitchen.

Apart from adding flavor to the curries, desserts, or other dishes you make, Cassia is beneficial in many different ways, such as:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Widely available.
  3. Potential benefits in promoting oral health.
  4. Works as an insect repellant.
  5. Cassia is used in cosmetics.
  6. Effective against HIV.
  7. Fights against bacterial and fungal infections.
  8. Improves sensitivity to the hormone insulin.
  9. Reduces seasonal allergy symptoms.

In this feature, we will discuss these nine benefits or uses of Cassia cinnamon that could intrigue you with knowledge. 

9 Benefits Of Cassia Cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon (Cinnamomum aromaticum) is famous as a kitchen staple in many cuisines around the world. It has gained popularity among all the other types of cinnamon due to its easy availability and cost-effectiveness. 

Cassia is rich in oil content and intense and spicy in taste. It contains high coumarin levels and has a powerful aroma that is hard and reddish-brown in color.

Benefits Of Cassia Cinnamon - SpiceRally

As mentioned before, this cinnamon variety contains up to one percent of coumarin. Therefore, excessive amounts of Cassia cinnamon could cause potential liver and kidney damage.

However, Cassia could have many other benefits despite its high coumarin level. So, let us elaborate on the benefits of Cassia cinnamon that we hope to present to you from this section. 

01 – Cost-effectiveness

When compared with Ceylon cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon usually comes with a price tag that is affordable. As stated on top, this is one of the main reasons why Cassia has become a popular variety among all other types of cinnamon.

02 – Widely Available

Once again, when compared with Ceylon cinnamon, Cassia is pretty easy to find from any supermarket or grocery store. Since the supply of this type of cinnamon is relatively high, you will not have much trouble purchasing Cassia when you need it to flavor your food.    

03 – Potential Benefits In Promoting Oral Health.

The studies show that Cassia contains natural chemical compounds that could benefit oral hygiene. Cinnamon can protect and maybe even enhance oral health thanks to its potent antimicrobial activity. 

This is one of the leading reasons you could find plenty of toothpaste, mouthwash, and even cinnamon toothpicks in the market. Cassia cinnamon is rich in antibacterial and antifungal effects that interfere with bacteria implicated in dental cavities. Accordingly, cinnamon can also aid in fighting gum disease and bad breath.

04 – Works As An Insect Repellant.

There aren’t many studies conducted to find if Cassia could work as an insect repellent. But still, one research conducted in 2006 has proven that products including cassia oil are worth further investigation as conceivable repellents for the safeguard of humans and domestic animals from blood-feeding vectors and the diseases they disseminate.

05 – Cassia Is Used In Cosmetics.

Generally, the oil content in Cassia cinnamon is relatively high compared to other varieties of cinnamon. Therefore, the cinnamon essential oil is now vastly used in an assortment of cosmetics.

We can find cinnamon in many perfumes, exfoliators, lip balms, and creams. Moreover, it is also used in many DIY skincare products. Since Cassia cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, it could have positive effects on the skin. Consequently, it could potentially benefit by improving acne, skin lightening, and reducing signs in skin aging.

While Cassia cinnamon has many health benefits, Ceylon cinnamon is not inferior by any means. So, if you are interested in learning the health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon, click here.

06 – Effective Against HIV.

HIV is a virus that eventually impairs your immune system, which can ultimately lead to AIDS if left untreated.

According to the studies, cinnamon derived from Cassia varieties is believed to help resist HIV-1, which is the most typical pressure of HIV virus in humans. 

However, a laboratory investigation examining HIV-infected cells discovered that cinnamon was the most effective therapy of all 69 medicinal plants that were taken into the examination.

07 – Fights Against Bacterial And Fungal Infections.

Cassia cinnamon contains about 70% of Cinnamaldehyde, which is one of the leading active compounds that may help fight different kinds of bacterial and fungal infections.

The cinnamon bark oil has been exhibited to effectively minister respiratory tract infections provoked by fungi.

Moreover, it can also hinder the growth of specific bacteria, including Salmonella and Listeria. And, the antimicrobial properties of Cassia cinnamon may also support preventing tooth decay and lessening bad breath. 

08 – Improves Sensitivity To The Hormone Insulin.

When it comes to our metabolism and energy use, insulin has a significant role to play. And it is also vital in transporting blood sugar from the bloodstream to the cells. 

But, unfortunately, many people are invulnerable to the effects of this hormone, which will ultimately result in conditions like type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

However, studies show that regular consumption of Cassia cinnamon can regulate this situation by reducing insulin resistance, and with that, it helps in relieving many insulin-related health conditions.

09- Reduces Allergy Symptoms.

In addition to its antioxidant, anticancer content, and anti-inflammatory effects, cinnamon also shows anti-allergic properties. 

Cassia cinnamon will come to you as a piece of good news if you suffer from recurring allergies. Accordingly, studies prove that cinnamon may potentially aid in easing some of the allergic symptoms.

Furthermore, the outcomes of one research exhibited cinnamon bark extract surged into nostrils twice daily, dramatically decreasing eye, nasal, and non-hay fever symptoms. 

While you learned the benefits of Cassia cinnamon, refer to this article for further information on the health advantages of consuming Cassia cinnamon.

Summing Up

Cassia cinnamon, the most extensively consumed variety of cinnamon, really does something more than add flavor and aroma to your meals.

Despite the high coumarin level, it has many health benefits and uses, which can be extremely helpful to humans. Thus, including Cassia cinnamon moderately in your regular diets will help with many health-related conditions.

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