Thai curry pastes are internationally known for their exotic flavor profile and the difference they make on your table. So, let’s educate you on some interesting ways to use Thai Massaman curry paste in daily cooking.

The main use of Thai Massaman curry paste is flavoring up the traditional Thai Massaman curry. But, you can use it in many other ways in your cooking applications. These methods include:

  1. Making savory rice and noodle recipes
  2. Works as a base for wet rubs and marinades
  3. To make fillings for certain finger foods and baked goods
  4. As a base for soups and stews
  5. To include in sauces, gravies, and dips
  6. When making stir-fries
  7. To mix with other coconut milk-based meat, seafood, egg, and vegetable dishes

Grab your Massaman curry paste jar and rock your meals with an amazing Thai twist to your food!

7 Interesting Uses of Thai Massaman Curry Paste

Thai Massaman curry paste (Prik Gaeng Massaman), is an exotic curry paste that stands out from the rest of the Thai curry pastes.

Thai Massaman Curry Paste - SpiceRally

A little massaman curry paste could go a long way in a certain dish thanks to its intense and powerful flavor profile. Thai Massaman curry paste is commonly used in chicken and beef massaman curries.

But, skilled chefs who have the will to create flavorful dishes can make the best out of this curry paste. So, we can help you with ideas to use this Massaman curry paste to make a change in your daily dishes.

01: Making Savory Rice and Noodle Recipes

Have you planned a weeknight dinner with rice? Or do you wish to make a delicious meal this weekend with noodles? Whatever it is, Thai Massaman curry paste can make an amazing twist of flavor to your dishes.

The bold and assertive flavors in this curry paste can make an excellent base for your savory rice, fried rice, or noodles dish. You can pair this curry paste with types of rice and noodles like basmati, Japanese rice, jasmine rice, rice noodles, glass noodles, etc. Mix and match the rest of the ingredients according to your preference.

While you can go with a lovely vegetarian meal using tofu and paneer or a non-veg meal like chicken, beef, eggs, or seafood. Thai Massaman curry paste-infused rice or noodles do not require additional curries. You can enjoy them alone or with a fresh salad. You can also like this curry paste with certain savory spaghetti and macaroni dishes for more advanced recipes.

What really makes the Thai Massaman curry paste stand out from the rest of Thai curry pastes? If you’re interested in learning more about this ingredient and know what spices and herbs make it so special, click here and refer to our detailed article.

02: Works as a Base For Wet Rubs and Marinades

The roasted flavor of warm spices like Thai red chiles, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, etc., and the fresh combination of garlic, galangal, lemongrass, and coriander root creates a next-level taste foundation for your rubs and marinades.

You can use this curry paste in place of your spices and regular herbs, or else, blend this with the rest of your ingredients to give a striking touch to your meat and seafood. Salted and peppered steak dipped in Thai Massaman curry paste before going to the grill or pan will give you an unforgettable, luxury meal to enjoy with pleasure.

Likewise, you can also incorporate this curry paste with your wet rubs or mix it with other sauces and wet ingredients to create a marinade for chicken, fish filets, shrimp, and even salmon before throwing them into the barbeque grill, oven, frying pan or air fryer. Serve them along with some mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, or boiled eggs to compliment the wonderful taste of the Thai Massaman curry paste.

03: To Make Fillings for Certain Finger Foods and Baked Goods

Are you a home chef who loves to try different stuffings for your finger foods and savory baked goods? You’re certainly a winner if you got a jar of Thai Massaman curry paste in your kitchen! The delicious roasted-warm flavor of this curry paste, mixed with vegetables, meat, fish, or other types of seafood can make a tasty difference in your fillings.

You can try these fillings for spring rolls, sausage rolls, buns, savory pastries, etc. Marinate the type of animal protein you use in the specific finger food or savory baked good before adding it to the filling. Or else, you can make the base of the filling with the curry paste, sauteeing it with oil or butter.

Combining a splash of thick coconut milk with the curry paste will enhance its taste and will give a wonderful Asian curry flavor to your filling. These finger foods and savory baked goods are perfect for a special occasion or a small get-together at home!

04: As a Base for Soups and Stews

Who wouldn’t like a lovely bowl of warm soup or stew on a chilly evening? If you’re bored of making the same old soup and stew recipes, you can try a dab of Thai Massaman curry paste in your stew or soup to give them a distinguished Asian tweak.

The flavor profile of this curry paste is versatile enough to match a broad spectrum of flavors. Therefore, you can make creamy soups/ stews or clear broth soups depending on your preference.

Beef Massaman Soup, Massaman Curry Soup, Sweet Potato Lemongrass Massaman Curry Soup, Chicken Massaman Creamy Soup, Beef stew, and Massaman vegetable stew are some of the easy recipes you can make with curry paste. You can pair a stock of your choice with the curry paste to make clear broths, while you can combine cream or coconut milk to make creamy bases.

05: To Include in Sauces, Gravies, and Dips

Upgrade your regular sauces, gravies, dips, vinaigrettes, and salad dressings using a spoonful of Thai Massaman curry paste. Massaman paste-infused curry sauces and gravies are excellent side dishes to enjoy with your roasted meat or fish.

If you’re making dips for shrimp, fries, spring rolls, sushi, or vegetables, use a very little amount from this curry paste to make an incredibly delicious dip to go with them. You can also stir in some from our topic leader with your spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce to make a scrumptious twist of flavor.

And also, combine the curry paste with salad dressings and vinaigrettes to pour over fresh or cooked salads. As mentioned earlier, a little massaman curry paste can go a long way in your dishes. Hence, you will only need a very small amount to amp up your sauces, dips, and gravies!

06: When Making Stir-fries

Are you into meal prepping and love hassle-free cooking? Then the good news is, you don’t need to stick to the same old recipes if you have your Thai Massaman curry paste with you. Simply sautee the curry paste with oil or butter and make the base for your stir-fries before adding the rest of the ingredients.

The vibrant flavor profile of this curry paste goes quite well with beef, chicken, pork, and other types of meat if you’re making stir-fries. Pair it with some thick coconut milk, bell peppers, and some hot chile peppers for more flavor. Then there you will make an instant pot of a fancy stir-fry without too much work!

Use the flavorful and aromatic Thai Massaman curry paste to make a wholesome pot of warm Massaman chicken curry at home. Click here for the recipe with step-by-step instructions.

07: To Mix With Other Coconut Milk-Based Meat, Seafood, Egg, and Vegetable Dishes

Who said you need to stick only to a Massaman curry with this curry paste? This Thai Massaman curry paste is the perfect ingredient for those who need to be creative with their cooking.

So, if you’re making different types of coconut milk-based fish, meat, eggs, seafood, or vegetable dishes, you can use a spoonful of ur topic leader to elevate the taste of these recipes.

Since the Massaman curry paste has a strong flavor, keep in mind that it goes better with vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and cauliflower. If you’re a fan of masala eggs, you can also make a twist with a dab of this curry paste, blending it with spices, onion, tomatoes, and coconut cream/milk.

Just A Spoonful Of Thai Massaman Curry Paste Can Bring A Tasty Tweak Onto Your Table!

You don’t need a lot of fancy things to make a delicious difference to your daily dishes. You only need a great place to start and one or two simple ingredients. So, since we gave the inception to your creativity through SpiceRally, we hope you will try your jar of Massaman curry paste in the variety of ways we have explained to you here. Let us know which way came out the best for you and your family!

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